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Hip-Hop News: 50 Cent Calls Out Nas
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
9/20/2004 9:20:06 AM

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There is a mixtape out called 'Professional Hood Sh-- Volume One'  by Big Mike.

There are joints featuring Lloyde Banks, Jadakiss, Jay-Z,T.I. and others. The biggest story is the first track - 
"Y'all N---az Starvin" by rapper Lloyd Banks featuring 50 Cent. The record starts off like a regular Lloyd Banks freestyle, with the Boy Wonder spraying battle raps like a housewife sprays Raid on roaches. "All of a sudden, n---as think they need to try me 'cause my video is on MTV." Then 50 comes in, not rapping but talking to Nas. "I heard that n---a Nas talk about me. He don't want it with me, he can't even f--- with my n---as. Did you hear this n---a Banks? Oh my God." 50 also addresses Shyne at the end of the freestyle. "What? Shyne talking about me? Oh, y'all didn't tell him what happened since he been gone. I run this sh--!"

So why is 50 Cent calling out Nas? At his recent Central Park concert, Nas asked fans who they came to see. "Not that fake sh--," he said. "Not that 50 Cent." Last week, he explained himself. "I didn't throw no disses out. I just spoke like a man to the men in the audience about our music. If anybody got a problem with what I said, then they gotta speak to New York City. New York City said more than what Nas said. When they played certain records before I was onstage, that audience responded [by booing]. I just got onstage and asked them what was going on. So if you got a issue, come talk to your town and see what they feeling. But as far as that battle stuff, I leave that for the new dudes." Several months ago, the G-Unit's captain told MTV News he had a record in the can for Nas, just in case he was tested, but Nas shrugs it off. "Rappers take cheap shots at me all the time," he said. "I heard him say stuff about me before, other guys say stuff about me. I don't have a response for what these dudes are saying about me. ... Dudes know who I am, I always tell it how it is." ...

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