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Hip-Hop News: The 8th Anniversary of Tupacs Death
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
9/12/2004 6:57:49 PM

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Tupac Said “ Everybody changes.

Everybody becomes better people.

We all should get that chance,

I just want my chance”.


Sadly Tupac never had the chance to shine to his full potential.

8yrs. ago today, not only hip hop culture, or the rap music industry; but the world lost Tupac Shakur.


Sept. 13, 1996 Tupac succumbed to the wounds that were inflicted on him earlier in that week, in a drive by shooting on the streets of Las Vegas.

Political poet, activist, teacher, soulja, warrior, passionate, relevant, artist, actor, role model, revolutionary, out spoken, liberating; what adjective would best describe this man we know as Tupac Shakur?


I know we lost a man who had a detailed work ethic. We lost a man who brought social relevance to the table, a man who had fire in his eyes. We lost a man who was behind the philosophy of T.H.U.G. L.I.F.E. We lost a man who related to the struggle. We lost a man who was not afraid to ‘put it in Americas face, when it came to civil and social issues. He believed in ‘swinging back’.


Tupac is thought of as just a gangsta rapper to many. To others he is the G.O.A.T. of the rap game. But to many more he is an inexhaustible source of knowledge, whose ‘shine’ was cut short, but whose memory and writings still help many find their way.


Tupac taught many things. He taught having pride in ones self. Even if we are of the suppressed minority, or if we ‘messed up’ he taught unconditional love for all.  He brought our voice to the forefront. He understood the struggle of the real people and even though the stance of ‘being real’ about what was going on (and still is going on) caused him many strained relationships and problems; he always stood for the struggle of the real people and society’s ills.


They tried to censor him, blaming him for many of society’s ills. When in fact he just diagnosed them and then reported on them. He did not create them; he only brought awareness to many of them.


Unlike most of today’s hip hop and rap artists who are afraid to speak against the mainstream, Tupac invoked his position bringing awareness to issues and at times causing civic terror along with the awareness.


That is how Tupac became and remains an icon in the hip-hop community. That is why there will be very few who reach his status in our community.


A lot of rappers today want to bite Tupac’s work or imitate his style but they lack t

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