Hip-Hop News: Pharcyde's 'Humboldt Beginnings'
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Posted by Robert
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9/7/2004 1:42:15 PM

The legendary PHARCYDE returns with their long-anticipated release of “Humboldt Beginnings,” under their newly assembled label Chapter 1 Entertainment, which dropped July 13 featuring Hip-Hops’ talented producer and artist Pete Rock.


After a four-year hiatus from the music scene and regrouping, The Pharcyde, now made up of Imani and Romye AKA Brown are truly excited about their new project and creative accomplishments on “Humboldt Beginnings,” The split from former members Tre and Fatlip was not easy. The duo took some time off from the music scene, but invested their energy and talent to work on this new project. “We feel that this new project will give Pharcyde fans the sound and energy that they have been waiting for,” said Brown.


The album partially produced by Spaceboy Boogie-X, known for his work with The Roots and Hieroglyphics, contains a unique style of neatly compiled beats, as well as Pharcyde’s exceptional rap lyrics in which they are best known for. “Humboldt Beginnings” is as stimulating to loyal fans as well as impressing to a new generation of Hip-Hop fans. 


There is no reason to believe that this talented duo is crippled from the breakup. “I take all the destructive values and make it into a positive energy, Romye explains.” “It’s like being in a wheel chair and told that you would never walk again, I do not think there would be a day that I would not try. Why not? Quitting never sat to well with me and people saying that you can't do this or do that adds wood to the fire. I’m focused!” 


Known for their humorous rap lyrics, eccentric narratives and their ability to successfully maintain a unique sound throughout Hip-Hop’s “gangster rap era” is what the Pharcyde is most recognized and respected for. (Brand New Heavies “Passing By,” Labcaincalifornia “Drop” and “Ya Mama”). Fans, as well as many notable Hip Hop artists have often referred to the group’s talent as “the most underrated in Hip-Hop.” The Pharcyde’s lyrical freshness, combined with stellar performances, have earned them staying power within Hip-Hop; and set the stage for “Humboldt Beginnings.”

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