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Hip-Hop News: DJ Felli Fel More Than A DJ
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Posted by Robert
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9/7/2004 12:37:21 PM

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What do you do when you are reigned as the number one DJ and host of the top ranking nighttime radio show and station in Los Angeles, where over 1.6 million listeners spend their evenings tuned in to hear an animated on-air personality release nothing but ‘blazing’ Hip-Hop and R&B?  The answer is quite simple “You give the people what they want and introduce them to a little bit more,” says DJ and On-Air Personality Felli Fel of KPWR 106. Sunday through Monday, yes seven days a week, Los Angeles and its surrounding cities hear the best of all the rest with seven top-shelf radio ratings book to prove it.


The beat doesn’t stop there. While maintaining his radio career, Felli Fel burns the midnight oil as he produces the most sought after mixtapes on the West Coast.  Currently in record stores across the country including Tower Records is the exclusive Snoop Dogg & Felli Fel mixtape.  The highly anticipated mixtape “Felli Fel Presents WC The Westside Heavy Hitter,” dropping July 13, 2004 will give listeners will have the opportunity to hear Felli’s remix of pop star Jessica Simpson’s “Take My Breath Away”, Guerilla Black’s “All Right” and Cassidy’s “My Interpretation.” The mixologist is highly acclaimed for Tupac and Outlaws productions, as well as  influencing corporate companies such as Starburst’s candy to follow Felli’s rhythmic lead and hire him to produce nationwide jingles for the company. 


Felli Fel has been a staple to Power 106 for nearly 3 years where he has maintained the highest ratings in his time slot. A night in the life of DJ Felli Fel entails running the tech board in studio; recording and editing listener calls; sorting through new music and preparing for his live mix show at 10pm; taking calls and 2-ways from aggressive record promoters trying to get their music played and their artist’s on the air; soliciting for his famous “Whoa Call” a freestylist competition for rappers;  and “Soul Call” a singers competition; recording artists for mixtapes and personalized intros for his show; then finally rushing out to appear and deejay at L.A.’s hottest clubs. But the nightly favorite for listener is when they hear the signature siren go off over the airwaves indicating that Felli is playing a new song and wants the listeners’ undivided attention.  And if he thinks listeners didn’t get it, he will play the record a second and third time for radio clarity!


If that’s not enough, work doesn’t end for Felli Fel when he’s off the air. He brings the same exciting energy to both television and film by appearing onFind out more about WC. Other items you may find on WC include updates, news, multimedia, chat, links and more. Click here...

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