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Read about 'Veterans Day', MC Eiht's latest release.
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
8/27/2004 9:21:01 PM

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West coast hip-hop legend and gangsta rapper icon Mc Eiht has a new album coming out September 28th. ‘Veterans Day’ is an album that true west coast music lovers have been waiting for. With in your face lyrics and strong beats from the coast mixed with an ‘ol skool’ feel, this album is sure to make some noise in the industry.

If you’re tired of the bling and you need a little bit of west coast gangsta rap, west coast original hip-hop this is the album you have been waiting for.

Eiht comes serious and his flow, on top of Chill’s hard core beats make this album one that needs to be talked about.

I had a chance to speak with Eiht about the album and much more.

I wanted to say that MC Eiht has been making records longer than anyone on the coast. His longevity in the business is not an accident.

One of the basic beliefs in hip-hop culture is ‘keeping it real’, and Eiht is as real as it gets.

With his busy schedule he took time for us and that shows he is dedicated to his fans. I got the feeling if I had questions that lasted 3 hours he would have addressed them, cause he is a real west coast Compton born and raised MC. Who values his fans and is set on a mission to bring back the west coast no matter what it takes.

This interview speaks on Veterans Day, but also Eiht addresses some things that are going on and we even cover some back in the day questions. Like I said Eiht is real and he took time for this and it isn’t like he is sitting around the crib waiting for a call. The album will prove that to you.

If you don’t know MC Eiht, just give him a listen. And if you know of Eiht well yea he’s back and it is pure g. Enjoy the interview. I enjoyed doing it, very much. Thanks to Eiht for his time and to Phyllis Pollack/Def Press for setting it all in motion. -1

Robert: Thanks for taking time for us, I appreciated it, I know you’re busy.

Eiht: No problem

Robert: Are you comfortable with people referring to you as a legend?

Eiht: I’m pretty comfortable with it. Seeing that I you know, when you look at rappers now days or hip hop people with all the new stuff with all the new artist, being as I came out in ‘89 I guess that people would consider that as a legend. I mean I don’t put myself in the same ranks as you know people like       Chuck D or people like that, you know originators but as far as west coast hip-hop is concerned, I consider myself as a little west coast legend.

Robert: With all the success you have had; how do you remain grounded and still rep the streets instead of getting caught up in the glamour side of the rap ‘game’?

Eiht: Well because it’s a tricky aspect. Basically you have to stay true to your roots, ya know. Cause the money will come and ya know you’ll get a nice car, nice house and all that. Some of that shit will side track ya. Especially if you listen to a lot of these other rappers who glorify the financial status of being an entertainer, I guess you would call it. Ya know we got the Jay Z’s, we got the 50 cents, and we got all these other brothers who tell ya you got to have a Bentley, you got to have a platinum Rolex, or a red gold chain, or ya got ta fly in a G4, and have a chinchilla mink

And a lot of those guys started off on the same aspect as I did. Coming from the streets, projects, underprivileged, poverty stricken.

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