Hip-Hop News: Mase Taking A Stance Shared By Suge Knight
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Posted by Robert
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8/18/2004 11:20:30 PM

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Like Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight has pointed out in the past, it seems rapper Mase is now  mentioning P. Diddy's stealing his artist 'shine' by being all up in their videos.

It seems Mase is going to be outspoken, while keeping it real at the same time. Here is what rapper Mase had to say:

Rap / Hip-hop star Mase has slammed Bad Boy Records boss Sean 'P Diddy' Combs, accusing him of stealing the spotlight from artists on his own label when he should have been promoting them.

Mase, who left the rap world in 1999 to become a priest, has recently made a return to Combs' label to begin recording again, but he's adamant that the P Diddy should take a back seat and let the stars on his label truly shine.

Mase says: "I have to say this. It is a total robbery to the artist, because how can you really focus on a person's career? I mean really?

"This time I can't lie. I can't sugarcoat it. That wouldn't help me. I'm saying this not just for Puff but for everybody else too.

"Can I give you an example? Take Donald Trump. He got all this property, right? He is the CEO of the company. If he starts going out and selling property, he's taking food out of the broker's mouth. And you the CEO! Let the brokers eat.

"Does that make sense?

Mase also warns he'll leave the Bad Boy label if he ever feels cheated.

He adds: "At this point in my life, who cares about a contract? If tomorrow I feel like they're not going to do right, I'm gone. I'm a different person now. Everything's got to be different."

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