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Hip-Hop News: Fire Rips Through Black Eyed Peas Studio
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
8/16/2004 2:39:38 AM

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A fire severely damaged a Burbank, California, recording studio being used by the Black Eyed Peas early Wednesday morning (August 11). The blaze, at Glenwood Place Studios, was apparently caused by a candle that was left unattended.

"A candle ignited a sound-absorbing [microphone shield] set up for recording vocals," said Glenwood Executive Vice President Hank Neuberger. "At the time the fire started, no one was in the studio, as the artists and staff were in an adjacent room at a meal break."

A Glenwood assistant engineer who returned to the facility's Studio A and saw it filled with flames and smoke emptied a fire extinguisher onto the fire. An engineer working for the Black Eyed Peas helped the Glenwood employee fight the blaze with a second extinguisher. While the fire was being controlled, members of the Black Eyed Peas helped to secure the area.

"Will.I.Am and the band assisted in making sure all people on the premises were safe and accounted for," Neuberger said. "The band was heroic in their assistance."

The Burbank Fire Department arrived minutes later.

"The fire department said that the effort in using the fire extinguishers knocked back the advancing fire and contributed to saving the studio," Neuberger said. "Only about 20 percent of the facility has been affected."

Glenwood remained open for the rest of the day, with other recording sessions continuing uninterrupted. While Studio A's live recording studio was heavily damaged, its control room was unscathed.

"The Control Room of Studio A should be ready for the Peas by later this evening, or tomorrow at the latest," Neuberger said. "None of the band's music, hard drives or media was damaged, as it was safe in the control room."

A spokesperson at Interscope Records, the Black Eyed Peas' label, said all of the band's instruments survived the fire.

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