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Will Tha Outlawz Time Ever Come?
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
8/12/2004 11:00:40 AM

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Very seldom in music history does a group loose it’s leader and the group still remains with the success they once enjoyed.

Groups like Lynard Skinnard, the Supremes, the Temptations, Jimimi Hendricks Experience, the Doors, and the Commadors all have either lost a lead member to death or to a solo career. They were never able to rebound after the loss of the member.

So it seems to be with Tupac Shakur’s group the Outlawz. It has been awhile since the Outlawz have had a release that gained much attention.

If it is mis-management or lack of talent isn’t clear.

Recently their deal with Cash Money Records fell thru. Since we do not know all the details it would be wrong to comment, but it seems that for every step forward they take, they end up taking 2 steps back.

Several of the Outlawz have left the group and have went on to solo careers. Some of those artist have good followings but most of the ‘fans’ follow them because of their relationship to Tupac.

Members like Fatal and Napoleon, have had some success, but nothing like the success of the 90’s`

Members like Storm; the only female Outlawz, have moved on and do occasionally drop a track. Storm is one member of the Outlawz who really gave up a carerr to be a mother. I believe that she could be a major player if she decided to go that direction. She is one of the best female rappers of all time.

If music history tells us anything, it is an uphill climb for the Outlawz.

Along with history there is the fact that they seem to not be very fan friendly. Request for interviews go un answered, and any updates are really heard on the street or thru the gapevine on the net, instead of professional releases or at least thru a management company.

Mopreme Shakur, an ex-Outlawz, is currently signed to Mob Life Records , so there is one who is doing his thing. Fatal has enjoyed some success since leaving the group. And the others are still performing but to small fan bases.

As in the past with other groups, it doesn’t really matter of the talent they possess. It seems people will always be expecting the Tupac Outlawz sound, but that will be hard to deliver without Tupac to write and give direction.

I wish the Outlawz all the best, but if history repeats itself, they will be doomed to play small clubs living a life of back in the day.

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