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Hip-Hop News: Chuck D Gets Into the DVD Business
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Posted by Robert
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8/5/2004 12:51:07 PM

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The #1 Provider of Music DVD Team Up With Hip-Hop Legend Chuck D To Release Three DVD/CD Packages On October 5th

Music Video Distributors, the leading producer of Music DVDs in 2004, has partnered with Chuck D’s SLAMjamz to release a line of Music related DVD/CD packages. Each DVD/CD will contain live footage, interviews and an audio CD. The will be two versions: one in a DVD amaray case, and one in a CD case.

“We are very excited to be partnered with Chuck D,” said Ed Seaman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at MVD. “His knowledge, experience and cult of personality are going to be invaluable to us in this venture. MVD and SLAMjamz share the same vision; the DVD/CD pack is the future - as well as the present.”

In an effort to maximize accessibility to consumers of all ages, the DVD/CD will boast a retail price of $16.95. The first three DVDs will be released on October 5 and include the following:

Impossebulls: Slave Education – The story of the world’s first virtual rap group.

7th Octave: The Seventh Degree – The vehicle for Professor Griff’s concept “Ghetto Metal”.

No Boundaries: A SLAMjamz Compilation – A joint venture of SLAMjamz and NAP Records that reaches into different styles and songs from varied artists.

SLAMjamz as a hip-hop based label intends to follow in the footsteps of Stax, Motown, Atlantic, and Blue Note as far as the roster collaborations, non-stop studio sessions, and teams of songwriters and producers, etc. The image branding and logo push of SLAMjamz is similar to that of Def Jam and So So Def, but the overall taste, look and feel lean towards Def Jux, Stones Throw, and Okay Player. What the others have in financial windfall and name SLAMjamz intends to match with attitude, curiosity, and frequency of release in 2004-2007.

“SLAMjamz Records are designed simply to serve the uncompromising expression of Hip-Hop based music in general,” said Chuck D. “Any particular style of playing and vocalization which represents an authentic way of musical feeling is genuine expression. By virtue of its significance in place, time, and circumstance, it possesses its own tradition, artistic standards and audience that will keep it alive. Hip-Hop, therefore, is expression and communication, a musical and worldwide social manifestation, and SLAMjamz Records is concerned with identifying its impulse, be it with the option of varied sonic formats, not sensational and commercial adornments. MVD allows SLAMjamz to present this to the world.”

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