Hip-Hop News: Varr-Venum's Reggae Dance
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
7/30/2004 4:49:47 PM

The Rap – Hip Hop artist featured in the "Source, July 2001 Unsigned Hype", was none other than Varr-Venum.


Varr-Venum is a fresh sound that leaves you wanting more. Recently he has opened for Little Flip, Roca Fellas, Twista during ROC Weekend, two weeks before the debut release of his single CD, "Reggae Dance" at Sam Goody.


Varr has built a strong fan base thru recent college, public school, and prominent nightclub events. And that fan base just seems to keep growing the more he is heard.

His resume is an endless list of who’s who. The artist track record/studio collaborations include: Big Daddy Kane, Tyreese, Phillies Most Wanted, Opened up for Little Flip, Roca fellas ROC Weekend, Twista ,Worked with Jarrad Thomas who is one of Missy Elliott's producers , for Goldmine Entertainment( produced records for Ruben Stutter, Ashanti, Destiny's Child, Total).Nicole Wray and Mocha proteges for Missy Elliott's label, Skills, Rob Alsh of Legendary Master Sounds studio(The Neptunes) , Supa Friends Lonnie B, Joe Doja, Skills, X-ray(producer) collaboration/w Kenisha Pratt,songwriter( Britney Spears,Brandy) Kenny Young(former lead singer, Third Story,Samil (Universal Group).

His debut release single CD, "Reggae Dance", is getting a lot of air play and with that comes more fans.

A native Virginian, Varr has been rapping since his early teenage years. His flow energy, and freshness will capture your attention.

We can look forward to an album late this year or early 2005. For now his single “Reggae Dance” will only introduce you to Varr-Venum and his fresh sound, so urgently needed in the hip hop culture today.

Visit and find out more about Varr-Venum and give “Reggae Dance” a listen, then go pick it up at Sam Goody and Tower Records.

Varr-Venum is an artist on the rise. He will surely make his mark in the rap and hip hop arena. Check him out and see what all the hype is about. We will keep you up on the forthcoming album.
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