Hip-Hop News: Wu Tang's Shyheim Is Back - The Interview
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
7/10/2004 1:14:48 PM

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Shyheim, member of the infamous Wu Tang Clan has been very busy lately. Here is a young man who is just not sitting back waiting for his to come to him, he has a lot of things poppin. He is definitely more than just a rapper or a Hip Hop artist.


His online reality show is off the hook. Watching you can tell he enjoys his work and is taking it seriously. I would strongly recommend you check it out at .


He has a new album (his 4th) coming out Aug. 24th  on his own label Bottom Up Records/101 Distribution. The album ‘The Greatest Story Never Told’ has some great producers featured on it. Easy Mo Bee, RZA and DJ Quick are among the featured producers. The first single ‘21st Century Crisis’ will be out within a few weeks. 


If that was not enough to keep him busy Shyheim is also working on an autobiography.


Shyheim has experienced a lot in his short life. His life went from one of the youngest rappers in the game, to acting, to a jail sentence. But now he is back and he seems to be wasting no time catching up on all that he needs to do.


I had a chance to talk to this remarkable busy young man. I wanted to touch on all his recent activities and touch a lil on his past. I have to point out here that Shyheim taking time to talk to us, as busy as his schedule is, shows his commitment to his fans and to the people. Here is a man who is not waiting for you to come to him, he is bringing it all to you. So please check out his work.


I also asked Shyheim what his name means. His reply “ Well, in the 5 Percent World , Shyheim means or in equal, Shyheim means equality”. I found Shyheim to be a very intelligent and strong individual. It was a blessing talking to him. He is the kind of person you just feel comfortable talking to, and that is because he answers all questions and he just has a way of coming across ‘real’.

This interview touches on some good things. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did doing it.


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