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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
7/8/2004 6:27:42 PM

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We felt the spirit of Tupac moving when we talked to our friends such as Davey D who helped to make the National Hip-Hop Political Convention a success last month. The platform they adopted (free education, universal health care, repeal of the Patriot Acts, end the war on the youth, etc. etc.) flows directly from Tupac. Below is information on how we are carrying out our share of this work.

Now is the time to bring together hip-hop with the fans and artists of other genres so that we can transform the world in the image of peace and well-being that music causes us to aspire to.

We will be doing a music/ health care social in Nashville on August 28th. If you are or will be in the area you are urged to attend. Contact for more information.


Music and Health Care (what are we going to do about it?)

       On March 19th, a very important panel discussion, "Musicians and Health Care," was held at the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas. Present were artists, managers, entertainment union leaders, music journalists, and health care activists. The consensus of the discussion was two things. First, we must embrace every effort to bring health care to musicians right now, even though we all realize how flawed our health care system is. Second, we must promote the widest possible discussion of how to fundamentally solve the health care crisis.

       This panel discussion will soon be replicated in Los Angeles. If you live there and would like to attend, please let us know so that we can get you the details as soon as they are set. If you do not live in Los Angeles, please think about how to organize people in your city to come together for similar discussion and action. We will help you in any way we can.

       What do we, as artists and others in the music industry, do about our lack of health care?

       Good question. What follows is what we have come up with so far. Let us know what we are leaving out.

1. If you are searching for a health care plan, check out Access to Health Insurance/Resources for Care, a great resource base put together by the Actors Fund. Go to the AHIRC web site ( and click on your state to find out what's available. To get personal assistance, call 323-933-9244 (x32) if you live in CA, OR, WA, AZ, NV, ID, MT,UT, NM, TX, CO, WY. In any other state, call 212-221-7301 (x265).

2. Rock A Mole Productions (Various Artists. Other items you may find on Various Artists include updates, news, multimedia, chat, links and more. Click here...

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