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Hip-Hop News: Documentary Explores The 'N' Word
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Posted by Robert
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6/28/2004 7:52:41 AM

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Outspoken rapper Chuck D isn't a fan of street use of the N-word — the subject of a new Trio documentary. Indeed, he's most offended by the slur for African Americans when people act as if it's an acceptable substitute for "brother."

"I don't think that the adoption of it being a word of love is something that makes sense," Chuck D, co-founder of the group Public Enemy, told the New York Daily News.

Those who use it that way, he said, do so because "it comes from a slave mentality, people who really don't have a sense of self, so they try to connect to areas that (they) think might allow us to be independent and free but speaks against it."

Starting today, it's going to be hard for many New Yorkers to avoid "The N-Word."

That's because cable channel Trio is plastering the town with an ad campaign to promote "The N-Word," its documentary airing July 4 at 8 p.m.

The program examines the roots of the word, its evolution, social significance and transformation (in some corners) from polarizing slur to youth culture salutation.

Activists, academics and pundits weigh in along with entertainers and celebrities such as Chris Rock, Ice Cube and Samuel L. Jackson.

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