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Hip-Hop News: Suge Knight's Future Plans
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Posted by Robert
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6/16/2004 11:59:30 PM

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Nearly a month ago, a Los Angeles jury decided that Marion "Suge" Knight wasn't part of a bloody fight at a local record studio, and now he's two months out of prison for a parole violation. "I'm trying to make prison a part of my past," he told us. "I'm happy to be free."

In an exclusive interview, Knight told "CJ" what's in store for his future, insisting, "I can't talk too much, I've got a book coming out in October."

But we know who Suge's been talking to -- big Hollywood guns like Sly Stallone. "Sly's a good guy, we've had a few conversations," Knight admitted.

According to "CJ's" sources, the conversations involved the life story of the now deceased Tupac Shakur. Tupac helped build Knight's empire, Death Row Records, but Knight really wants to get into the movie industry. Suge's planning to make a movie about Death Row Records, famous for artists like the late Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez. "It's time to tell the real Death Row story," said Knight.

As for some of today's rap artists, Suge Knight refuses to name names but he's less than impressed.

"It's supposed to be the language of the ghetto," Knight observed. "Instead, we've got cross-dressers and men acting like women."

Knight says he hopes to bring back the real urban poetry of rap with his own new artist, Kurupt, formerly of Tha Dogg Pound, whose album will debut in July. In the meantime, Knight says his life, laced with legal problems, is still a work in progress. As Suge himself puts it, "America's dream; America's nightmare."

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