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Hip-Hop News: Bone Thugs 'The Vault', Ruthless Rec.s Respond
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
5/25/2004 10:02:51 PM

Tags and topics realted to this article include Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

On May 22,2004  I reported this story "Bone Thugs-n-Harmony's Vault (see that post  HERE )

Reporting on Rap and Hip Hop is a fast moving thing. I recieved the story as a Press Release. Something we all use and depend on to know what is going on in the industry. ( Here is the 'Phoney Release  HERE )

Unfortunately this was a prank release. I apoligize to everyone but sometimes things are really out of our hands as we depend on other sources for news. Thank You for understanding - Robert

I contacted Ruthless Records and got their input on the release.

I spoke to Tomica Wright and Sean at Ruthless Records.

Here is the Official Ruthless Statement on this release....

"First of all, I'd like to thank you for forwarding the PR Web press release earlier today. I consider it very professional to verify any and all news information.

*Regarding the May 22 Bone Thugs N Harmony press release you forwarded to me.

Ruthless Records has not scheduled the release of any upcoming Bone Thugs N Harmony album projects in general and specifically we are not involved or associated with any upcoming Bone Thugs N Harmony two-disc album release entitled "The Vault" .

We are not certain where this press release came from and have started investigating the source of the release itself. We just want to verify whether someone really intends to release this project (as a bootleg) or if this is simply a hoax.

Regardless of the result, Ruthless is not involved in the supposed release of "The Vault" and will consider any such release as an infringement of the law.

If any of Bone's fans are interested in the latest release from Bone Thugs N Harmony; Ruthless Records recently released a DVD title featuring Bone Thugs N Harmony entitled Bone Thugs N Harmony: Live & Uncut. The DVD was released commercially in the United States in March 2004."

Ruthless Records

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