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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
5/20/2004 10:51:55 PM
Kool Keith, who is known for working under different personas such as Dr. Octagon and Dr. Dooom, has been working on various new projects. So many it's hard to keep up.

Lately Kool Keith has been getting fed up with different producers in the game acting like they've done work with him or were involved in his projects, when he says that isn't the case.

"It really gets funny to me how people need to use my name to market themselves," Kool Keith said in a recent interview. "A lot of people need a fan base right now and they gotta say whatever and do whatever to make their career look a little better. Everything you hear is like some 'Cat in the Hat' sh--."

According to Keith, he has been ghost-producing his albums for the last 4 or five years, since 1999's Black Elvis album and most of the time he was involved in the whole process.

"You got everybody saying they are producing what I'm doing. I don't think so," Kool Keith says. "Even with [Dan The] Automator, even with [Kutmasta] Kurt, even with Marc [Live]. I fed a lot of these guys' baselines and the beats through my keyboards. The sounds that you were hearing on a lot of those tracks were my keyboards."

Keith also mentioned that follow-up the to his now classic album Dr. Octagonecologyst may be released, but he hasn't even heard any tracks from the release and doesn't want his fans to be misinterpreted by the production on the album.

"'Octagon 2' is another funny project. They won't even let me hear the tracks," Kool Keith stated. "I have been working on a project that I have never heard and god knows what remixes will be done. I'm never going to hear it until it comes out."

In 2002, Kool Keith teamed up with H-Bomb (aka Jacky Jasper) and Marc Live to put together a group project under the name KHM titled Game. Keith, along with H-Bomb, fully funded the project and according to Keith were never properly credited.

Keith says there will not be another KHM album until people that were supposed to be involved in the project come to the table with funding. Now, Keith and H-Bomb, without Marc Live are working on their next project called 7th Veil.

"KHM is not doing any new albums," Kool Keith expressed. "We will probably discontinue KHM because we had differences, where people took the record and ran off with it for different reasons. It was remixed too many times."

Other than all the dilemmas Keith is going through, he is preparing alot of new projects including 7th Veil with him and Jacky Jasper that is expected to be released this fall. The KHM follow-up titled The Clayborne Family was recently released and The Kool Keith/ Kutmasta Kurt album titled Diesel Truckers is slated to drop August 10th.

For more info on Kool Keith and the many releases to come, goto: LiveOneRecords.com.
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