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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
5/20/2004 5:31:01 PM

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Cathy Scott; she is a true crime author, award winning journalist, public speaker on crime reporting and research, a columnist and a teacher of journalism at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. No where in her resume is the phrase tabloid writer.

So why is this lady so questioned about the Tupac autopsy photo that she has published in her book 'The Killing of Tupac Shakur'? There are many who say the photo is a fake. Those who say that are really saying that Ms. Scott is really mis-leading people with this photo.

Like I said , in her resume you will not find any mention of her working for a tabloid. You will find a professional who has a very respectable background in journalism. So that should let you know if she reports the autopsy photo is real, then it is real.

I had a chance to ask Ms. Scott some questions. I have seen some interviews with her where the site that is interviewing her tries to dis-spell everything she says about the Tupac murder. I wanted to approach her as a professional, and with the hopes of learning some of the facts, not to speculate about what if's or maybe's. She is informed on the Tupac murder because of massive research she has done. Visit her web site at and learn more about this amazing woman.-Thanks RB (aka-Robert)

RB - Thank you for taking time for this. I appreciate it.

Cathy Scott - My pleasure.

RB - First about the photo; I know you recieved a press release from the web site about a new web list site that encourages web sites to list there site. The sites listed on that list do not have the Tupac autopsy photo on their site and/or they want to see the photo taken off all the true reppin Tupac sites. Really most would like to see the photo taken off the net. What do you think about the action this web site is trying to encourage?

Cathy Scott - I'm fine with the press release, but for a different reason. Many sites have lifted the photo from my book, The Killing of Tupac Shakur, and posted it on their sites without permission, which is against federal copyright laws. Because of that, I have no control over whether the sites are altering the photo, enhancing or distorting it in any way.

RB - The coroner has confirmed its authenticity. I have heard you were offered $100,000 dollars for it and still some feel it is a fake picture. Is there anything left to say to make people believe this is a real photo?

Cathy Scott - It wasn't about money. It was about, through the actual autopsy photo taken during Tupac's medical examination in the Clark County Coroner's Office, in response to reports that Tupac was alive. For those who want to go on believing that Tupac faked his own death, there's no convincing them. At this point, it doesn't really matter what anyone believes. I know it's real. If people don't take my word for it, then that's their problem, not mine. I would never put something out there that's fake. At the time, I was a working member of the press, reporting for the Las Vegas Sun, a mainstream newspaper. I had no idea the impact the photo was going to have. It is real, official and authentic, taken during the medical examination of Tupac's body during his autopsy. My publisher and I included the photo in The Killing of Tupac Shakur only because of articles in the mainstream press quoting fans that Tupac faked his own death.

RB - Was the original photo a color photo? Where did the black and white one come from?

Cathy Scott - Yes, the original photo is in color. It was reproduced in black and white for the book. It's the same photo, just in B & W and on inexpensive paper used in paperbacks (thus, it's n

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