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Hip-Hop News: Luda and Kayne West Being Sued
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Posted by Robert
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4/30/2004 4:37:21 PM

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A group that goes by the name of I.O.F. (It's Only Family) has filed papers against Ludacris and Kayne West alleging that the two artists stole the hook for Ludacris' hit single "Stand Up" from Chicken and Beer.

I.O.F., along with their label BMS Entertainment and Heat Music LLC, claim that they had released a song back in April 2000 called "Straight Like That" that is the orgin of Ludacris' "Stand Up."

According to a spokesperson for I.O.F., Ludacris and Kayne West were both handed a demo tape of I.O.F.'s song "Straight Like That" several times between August 2002 and May 2003.

"If he wanted to do business, the contact information was on the demo," says Black, Manager for I.O.F..

Ernest A. Savoy, I.O.F.'s attorney, says that this happens all the time in the music industry to independent artists, but feels this issue shoud be addressed.

"In entertainment, many unsigned artists and producers have had this problem; it's nothing new," Savoy said. "The issue needs to be addressed but few can afford to hire legal representation. In any other business if you steal an idea or concept there is a penalty to pay."

Jeff Billingsley, CEO of BMS Ent./Heat Music, assures that they are not out to make a quick buck, but will not be stolen from.

"We are not trying to do a get rich quick scheme," Billingsley said. "We don't do business like that and no one will take from us without being confronted."

The group is currently featured on the Spike Lee "Home Invaders" soundtrack and have opened up for such acts as 50 Cent and NORE.

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