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Hip-Hop News: Feds Call Rap Artist Turk Flight Risk
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Posted by Robert
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4/26/2004 6:02:26 PM

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New Orleans-based rap artist, Turk (formerly of Cash Money and Hot Boys fame, AKA Tab Virgil) has been determined a flight risk by the Federal Court in Memphis, Tennessee, on the eve of the release of his highly-anticipated third solo album, Penitentiary Chances on KOCH Records on April 27.  Upon the eminent release of the album, the rapper is being held on charges of second-degree attempted murder of a Memphis Deputy Sheriff. The federal decision to keep Turk in custody still leaves Turk behind bars, where he is being held in maximum security.  The album’s title comes from a song that was on his debut album, Raw And Uncut.

KOCH Records General Manager & Executive Vice President Alan Grunblatt states, “We were hoping to have Turk out of prison to help promote his album but alas we’ll have to market it on our own. Penitentiary Chances is his best album yet and we’re sure Hot Boys fans everywhere will love it.”

Turk has been receiving support throughout the hip hop community.  Lafayette, Louisiana radio station DJ, Vinnie V, from KRRQ in Shreveport recently said “Keep Ya Head Up” to the imprisoned rapper on the air.  Well wishes to Turk were also given on the air from Baton Rouge radio personality Wild Wayne from WQUE, who added that he had known Turk for a long time, and that the allegations in court against the rapper totally conflict with everything that he personally knows about Turk. Others who have publicly offered support to Turk on the airwaves have included BayBay at Shreveport’s KBTT and Kay Montgomery at WJWZ.  Tina Tilton, formerly of Hot 107.1, at WLRM in Memphis, sent a letter to Turk in prison, saying she now has a hip hop ministry, and she wanted to encourage him. Although the prison refused to let him receive them, Turk has been sent packages from major hip hop publications. Fans have also written to his legal defense fund.

Turk maintains his innocence in the case.  A second charge against the rapper was dropped when early ballistics tests showed that a second officer was shot by another police officer that was present at the scene.

A legal defense fund has been set up to pay legal fees for the 23-year old rapper. For those who wish to make donations, checks are payable to the Tab “Turk” Virgil Legal Defense fund, and may be sent in care of Da King And I Management LLC, PO Box 73131, Baton Rouge, LA 70874-3131.  

Penitentiary Chances will drop on April 27th.

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