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Hip-Hop News: Suge to Help Strapped Military Families
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Posted by Robert
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4/20/2004 6:12:30 PM

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Death Row Records founder plans benefit album for financially strapped military families.

The war in Iraq isn't only hard on the soldiers -- it's also tough on their loved ones. As the conflict drags on, those families are confronting mounting financial burdens. After hearing too many reports about the crises faced by these home-front heroes, Death Row Records founder and CEO Suge Knight has decided it's time for someone to "ride to the rescue." With production on the new Kurupt CD, AGAINST THE GRAIN, now largely complete, Knight intends to focus all his energies over the next few months working with various artists and record labels to pull together an unprecedented, star-studded hip-hop album benefiting the financially troubled families of America's brave warriors in Iraq.

"I'm not taking any kind of political stance on the war," says Knight, noting that he intends to have the as-yet-untitled recording on store shelves by Christmas. "However, with so many soldiers now in Iraq for more than a year, I'm concerned about the families they've left behind. So many of them are suffering, not only emotionally but also financially. This new compilation should significantly help, since all earnings will go directly to these struggling wives and children. Knowing this fact, fans will hopefully also avoid illegally downloading or copying the disc, since those actions would essentially be stealing from the poor families that would benefit from the proceeds."

In the meantime, Knight and Death Row will be issuing Kurupt's AGAINST THE GRAIN CD. Set to debut on June 29th, this album represents a significant milestone for the company, as it is the first all-new Death Row Records release since 1996. Further information on the benefit compilation, AGAINST THE GRAIN and Death Row Records is available at

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