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Hip-Hop News: Masta Killa and The Wu-Tang Legacy
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Posted by Robert
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4/6/2004 8:13:58 AM

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Wu-Tang comes to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to shoot video for Masta Killah's first single, "Old Man" from his upcoming release, No Said Date.

"This song is based on the "Sanford & Son" sitcom series," explains RZA, who produced Masta Killa's first single and is currently sporting 70s staples: high-heeled boots, bell bottoms and sideburns to spare. "We're taking it back to the 70s, having a good time. Wu-Tang does a lot of serious music. We just thought we'd have a little fun." Masta Killa's long-awaited, anticipated CD features the whole Wu-Tang family.

Shutting down South 6th Street off of Bedford Avenue, Michael Kuhn directs Killa, RZA, Timbo, a DJ and lots of bathing suit clad lady friends as they dance and party at a BBQ in front of the Wu-Tang & Sons junkyard. All's well until grumpy Fred (who was supposed to be played by ODB) wakes up. RA the Rugged Man makes a cameo as the grill master. His album Die Rugged Man Die is scheduled for a late summer 2004 release on Nature Sounds, Masta Killa's label. With grease smothered on his wife beater and hamburger odors emanating from his body, RA is in rare form. "I'm one of the greatest rap artists on Planet Earth," he boasts. "No one can compete with me on a lyrical level. Muthafoooers aren’t trying to be lyrical murderers anymore. They're just trying to make bullshit records for the radio and 5-year-old white girls. I'm the best. Except for Kool G Rap." His CD will include a DVD with an unreleased adult video.

RZA just finished up filming "Soul Plane" with Method Man and is set to score "Blade 3" with Terence Blanchard. "My music talent is growing," assures RZA. "I got a fresh sound that Hollywood could appreciate. I'm just trying to spread the Wu-Tang legacy as far as I can."

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