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Hip-Hop News: L.A. policemen accost hip hop's Silkski
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
4/1/2004 7:04:23 AM

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It was a night of lyrical irony Saturday when some L.A. policemen accosted hip hop star Silkski of Wu Tang’s Brooklyn Zu outside of Hollywood’s Key Club where he had just finished performing the infamous song “Cop Killa” along side Ice T and Body Count.

Upon exiting the club that evening, Silkski said he saw basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal sitting in his Hummer. When he went to greet Shaq, some nearby cops came up from behind him and rousted him. They threw him up against the car and told him to put his hands on his head. Before Shaq could intervene, the cops told the driver of the black Hummer to keep moving, not knowing Shaq was inside. Once Shaq drove off, the cops gave Silkski a firm warning and let him go.

Besides the couple of die-hard Wu fans that followed Silkski to his car after the incident, that was the end of a mad-capped evening for Silkski. Prior to his show with Ice T, he busted out his lyrics at the Park Plaza Hotel with Japanese hip hop artist Steve I at Tokyo Night. From there, he headed to the Key Club where he bum rushed his way on stage and grabbed the microphone to get the show started. “They was going nuts,” a fan in the audience said. The audience chanted “Wu Tang…Brooklyn Zu…Silkski…Body Count…Ice T...” Then Ice T came out on stage and started his show with Body Count. He cued Silkski to come back on stage. Silkski shouted "I’m mackin & stackin," and Ice T finished the expression from back in the day saying “& askin’ for your heyz’no.”

Silkski, aka the Don of All Dons, is well known for his affiliation with Wu Tang’s Brooklyn Zu, Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s posse. “End of Days,” Silkski’s upcoming solo album from Wu Tang Management’s new label Protect-Ya-Neck Records, will debut sometime this year. “No Money,” the first track off the album, can currently be heard at He can also be seen on the BET series “Access Granted” which goes behind the scenes of Ghost Face Killah’s new music video featuring Rza and Missy Elliot.

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