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Hip-Hop News: Wu Tang's Silkski Collaborates
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Posted by Robert
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3/27/2004 12:04:51 PM

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Wu Tang and Brooklyn Zu member Silkski, aka Don of all Dons Silk Corleone, will blend his rhythms and rhymes on Japanese rap artist Steve I’s groundbreaking music video produced by the West Coast’s Frankie Peay of Payload Entertainment and hyperdisc Record’s Daisuke Hinata. The quasi music video/single is one piece in a first-of-its-kind album to be released on DVD and on the Internet in a series of three short films, each with three acts. Silkski will appear on Act I of the first story along with Stretch from Maverick Record’s Tantric. In conjunction with Act I, Silkski will appear live with Steve I and Stretch at the Park View Plaza Hotel on March 27 at the 19th Annual Tokyo Night, L.A.’s largest contemporary Asian dance event.

With Asian hip hop on the rise, this is the perfect time for Hinata to venture into the American hip hop scene, and he’s doing it in style at his $5 million recording studio in Los Angeles. “This marks a fusion between two cultures and two countries working together,” Peay said. Hinata gained fame when he produced solo albums for Japan’s top-selling pop artist/producer TK (Tetsuya Kumuro), who has sold nearly 1 billion records over the past five years.

Silkski is well known for his affiliation with Wu Tang’s Brooklyn Zu, Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s posse. “End of Days,” Silkski’s upcoming solo album from Wu Tang Management’s new label Protect-Ya-Neck Records, will debut sometime this year. “No Money,” the first track off the album, can currently be heard at He can also be seen on the BET series “Access Granted” which goes behind the scenes of Ghost Face Killah’s new music video featuring Rza and Missy Elliot.

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