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Hip-Hop News: DMX Speaking Truth
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
3/23/2004 7:54:24 AM

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DMX had released five albums with his last being Grand Champ, breaking a record for having five albums in a row topping the charts and retiring from the hip-hop industry.

In a recent press conference in promotion of his new movie "Never Die Alone," DMX spoke on several different topics and lashed out at the industry that made him a star.

"I refuse to give another dime to that record label, to Def Jam," DMX said. "I gave them their best year. I made $144 million for them in one year."

With all the money DMX grossed for his album sales, DMX offered what he had earned as only a "loan."

"They didn’t give me sh*t," DMX continued. "It was like soon as they give you that money, you already owe them two more albums. They don’t give you anything."

X feels the industry is controlled by the labels and they control the market telling people what they are supposed to like.

"They’ve got BET and MTV in their back f*cking pocket. They do favors for each other," X said of the way the industry is today. "All the radio stations are bought and paid for. It’s not even about talent anymore. It’s about who they like, who’s their guy, who’s their buddy? I’m nobody’s f*cking buddy. F*ck that. I’m not cooperating."

DMX is understandably upset about the way the industry is preceived in his eyes, but he also plans to do something about it. X stated that he is planning to start an "Artists' Union" to protect their rights.

"I actually wanted to start a union. Protect the rights of the artist. We have no one to look out for our rights," DMX said. "We have a few people that look out for our best interest in terms of collecting our money, but what about what’s right in a contract."

When asked if any other artists supported his union idea, he simply said "Yup," but would not say who.

"Never Die Alone" starring DMX hits theaters this Friday (March 26).

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