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Hip-Hop News: BallerStatus Interviews Crooked I
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Posted by Robert
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3/22/2004 4:12:07 PM

Tags and topics realted to this article include Crooked I and Suge Knight. has done an interview with on again off again Ex-Death Row artist Crooked I. It is a good interview and answers many of the questions that are out there. Here is a little of it and click  HERE  to read the entire interview.

The year was 1999 when Death Row Records had acquired a new rap phenom from Long Beach, California. The young man who would be given the responsibility to take over where the late 2pac had left off, with hopes of re-establishing Death Row as the dynasty it once was, answered to the name of Crooked I. Had that initial scenario Suge Knight hoped played out correctly, Tha Row would be reigning atop the charts and Crooked I would be collecting accolades for resurrecting both Suge's career and quite possibly, the whole West Coast.

Obviously, that scenario can now be seen as non-fictional as nearly 5 years has passed since Crooked I signed with Tha Row; Suge is back behind bars and the label seems to be at an overwhelming pit stop. For a second, though, it might've seemed as though Crooked I and the labels' fate was about to change as the promotion of Say Hi To Tha Bad Guy, Crook's debut, gave some hope to some. The album was promoted, the single was given to DJ's-- but only a spark was started and the fuse quickly died down and the album, to date, has not seen the day of light.

BallerStatus was granted the opportunity to exchange words with Crooked I in this exclusive interview, see what he had to offer regarding his current and past trials and tribulations.

BallerStatus: Ok, first of all, what's Crooked I's current status as far as music goes?

Crooked I: As far as music, out here still grinding you know, never stopping. Working on a few things, trying to continue the mission to putting out that West Coast classic, that's it.

BallerStatus: Are you still with Tha Row?

Crooked I: Um, nah, I'm not with Tha Row right now. We're trying to figure something out right now on how to get everything resolved with no hard feelings.

BallerStatus: What happened with that situation?

Crooked I: Well, basically, I did all I could do, really. I signed in '99- that's 4 years ago. I turned in a lot of material and for whatever reason it didn't come out... I'm not bitter about it, but it was just time for me to go. I'm trying to do damage in the game so I can't sit still too long.

BallerStatus: There was a rumor that you might be doing stuff with Sway & King Tech's label, Bolo Entertainment---is there any truth to that?

Crooked I: Nah, that's just a rumor 'cause they know Sway & Tech is my people. But they definitely always been in my corner, no matter what.

BallerStatus: What's your relationship with Suge Knight, are you still on talking terms?

Crooked I: Last time I spoke to him it was good, I'm supposed to reach out to him next week to see what it is. I really just took a minute to take a deep breath and chill for a second and see what I wanted to do. I've been doing a few things in and out of state, but I'm just trying to take it all in and make something happen though.

BallerStatus: Shifting gears, what'd you grow up listening to-- 'cause your lyrics are evidence that you listened to some top notch lyricism, or so one would imagine...

Crooked I: Back in the day when I was young, everybody I knew- it didn't matter if they was gang-bangin', if they were college students or high school students, everybody I knew in the 80's out here listened to hip-hop from everywhere. When it was blowin' up, we all listened to Run DMC, KRS-One, Rakim, Public Enemy as well as N.W.A. and Ice Cube and all of them. I listen to it all, everybody, I don't discriminate. I only put music in two categories: dope; and wack.

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