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Hip-Hop News: Turk's 'Penitentiary Chances' To Drop April 27th
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Posted by Robert
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3/18/2004 1:38:37 PM

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New Orleans-based rap artist, Turk (formerly of Cash Money and Hot Boys fame, AKA Tab Virgil) is slated to release his highly anticipated third solo album, Penitentiary Chances on KOCH Records on April 27.  The album’s release is being planned as the rapper is being held on $750,000.00 bond, on charges of attempted murder of a Memphis Deputy Sheriff.  The album’s title comes from a song that was on his debut album, Raw And Uncut.

Turk maintains his innocence in the case.  A second charge against the rapper was dropped when early ballistics tests showed that a second officer was shot by another police officer that was present at the scene.

A legal defense fund has just been set up for the 23-year old rapper.

KOCH Records General Manager & Executive Vice President Alan Grunblatt states, “I consider Turk a real friend. I’m heartbroken about his current woes. His new record will help fund his legal efforts and will appeal to Hot Boys fans.”

Turk, who is being held in maximum security, says he appreciates the support that is coming in, some of it from high-profile figures in the hip hop world, who have asked to remain anonymous.  Turk says that he has no idea whether or not his arrest will have any impact on sales of the album, but that he doesn’t expect it to.  “My fans would support my album regardless, but it’s a quality album, and it’s going to be worth their ends,” he promises. “Get my album,” he says, “because you’ve got love for Turk.”

Among the highlights on the new album is the track, “Heartache,” Turk stated from his prison cell, “It’s a positive rap, and I’m asking where the love is.  I’m also saying, stop the killing, stop the drugs, stop going to jail. It’s a message song.”

“Music Makes Me High” is also expected to get the attention of hip hop fans nationwide.  Turk, a former heroin addict, says, “Music is my anti-drug.  Music makes me high. R&B is like my downer and hip hop is my upper. It energizes me.”

“Raw & Off The Chain” is straight gangsta, while, tracks like “Do This For The Money” also feature Turk’s trademark, skin-tight, Southern-style lyrical slangin.’ Other titles on the upcoming album include “I Aint’ Just Rapping,” “Ya Heard,” and “Get It How I Live.” Some of the songs are autobiographical, while others are not, he explains.  “I love to rap,” says Turk, who says he has been writing more raps while being held in prison.  He adds that despite his present situation, “I am at peace with God and with myself.”  

BG, Turk’s label manager and fellow Hot Boy says, “Turk is my friend and will always be my friend. I hope when this is all over the four of us can get back together and record a new Hot Boys album”.

Turk’s previous attorney, Scott Crawford, was recently arrested by the FBI on charges of obstruction of justice, bribery possession of crack cocaine and possession of an illegal handgun, all of which were unrelated to Turk’s case.  Turk’s new legal representation is the Memphis-based legal team of Glenn Wright and Lee Wilson.     

The preliminary hearing for the case will be held on March 31.

For those who wish to make donations, checks are payable to the Tab “Turk” Virgil Legal Defense fund, and may be sent in care of Leroy Hollins II, PO Box 73131, Baton Rouge, LA 70874-3131.  

Penitentiary Chances will drop on April 27th.

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