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Hip-Hop News: Reebok Slammed Over 50 Cent
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
3/10/2004 1:24:17 PM

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      Bill O'Reilly yesterday slammed Reebok International Ltd. for its ties to 50 Cent, a top-selling rap artist who is expected to put out a pornographic video later this year.
     ``Reebok should be ashamed of themselves,'' O'Reilly told the Herald before his show last night in which he slammed the Canton shoemaker and its rapper pitchman. ``They're embracing a guy who's hurting children.''
     The Congress of Racial Equality identified what it considers the five worst rappers and their corporate ties on ``The O'Reilly Factor'' show last night. 50 Cent and Reebok came in at No. 3.
     ``Corporate pollution is not just dumping PCBs in the Charles River,'' the outspoken talk show host said. ``It's allowing people to put out these horrible CDs.''
     When O'Reilly targets a company, corporate ears tend to perk up.
     Last year, he took aim at PepsiCo Inc. over its ties to rapper Ludacris. PepsiCo bowed to the pressure and dumped a Ludacris ad campaign after O'Reilly told loyal viewers he wouldn't drink Pepsi because of the rapper's vulgar lyrics.
     Earlier this month, O'Reilly said he'd snub Anheuser-Busch products after the St. Louis brewer hired Ludacris as a pitchman.
     ``I'm not calling for boycotts,'' O'Reilly said. ``I just say I'm not doing business with them.''
     50 Cent, a former crack dealer who survived nine bullet wounds, has teamed up with a unit of Hollywood-based adult entertainment company All Media Play to produce an interactive sex video. The DVD will ``take viewers inside his X-rated hip-hop lifestyle,'' an All Media Play statement said.
     While 50 Cent won't actually perform sexual acts in the video, others will. After trumpeting 50 Cent's involvement in January, All Media later downplayed it after O'Reilly went on the attack.
     In a bid to better connect with young, trend-setting consumers, Reebok last year inked a long-term endorsement deal with 50 Cent that included signature shoe lines.
     Analysts said it's working. The 50 Cent G-6 sneaker, launched in November, is a top seller for retailers.
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