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Posted by Dave
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3/9/2004 12:49:07 AM

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Portland, Oregon hip-hop legend Cool Nutz is dropping "Collabos" on May 11th. This is a project made up of work that Jus Family Records artists have done with numerous artists national and local. This project features production from Bosko, Torry Ward, UnderRated, and Philly Blunt. The project will hit stores May 11th, 2004, and will be one that you won't want to miss. Check out the tracklisting and be stunned by the amazing lineup. For those having slept on Jus Family till now, this is a MUST GET.

1. Rude Boyz-Cool Nutz & Maniac Lok feat. BG
2. Done Deal-Maniac Lok feat. B-Legit and G-Ism
3. Be Advised-Cool Nutz feat. Jay Tee of N2Deep, Bullet, and Arjay
4. Behind The Scenes-Cool Nutz feat. Yukmouth, Poppa LQ, and Jiboh
5. Thug Shit-Maniac Lok feat. 3X's Krazy and Ray Ray of G-Ism
6. City Life-G-Ism feat. Spice 1, Cool Nutz, and Bosko
7. Shiesty Cats-DBA feat. Kurupt and WC
8. No Parts-Cool Nutz feat. C-Bo and Yukmouth
9. How We Build-Maniac Lok feat. Potluck, Brotha Luv, and Cool Nutz
10. Behind The Scenes(remix)-Maniac Lok feat. Yukmouth, Bosko, and Cool Nutz
11. One Time-Bosko feat. Gonzoe and Poppa LQ
12. Pirahnas-Mr. D.O.G feat. Cool Nutz and Kenny Mack
13. First Time I Seent Her-Cool Nutz feat. Mac Dre and Phranchise
14. It's All Hip-Hop-E Dawg feat. Cool Nutz
15. Holla What's Up-DBA feat. Baby Bash, Frost, and Jay Tee of N2Deep
16. Ill-Cryciz feat. Cool Nutz
17. Way Back-Maniac Lok feat. D-Shot and Kenny Mack

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