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Hip-Hop News: It's Official - Crooked I Has Left Tha Row
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
3/7/2004 10:09:10 PM

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Rumors of Crooked I leaving Death Row Records have been circulating the past couple months, but we have got the official word from Crooked I himself.

Crooked I has decided to leave on March 5th when his contract expired, but is trying to keep the departure on good terms with his now former label.

"I'm not with Tha Row right now," Crooked I told "We're trying to work something out right now, so that everything's resolved without no hard feelings."

Crooked I signed with Death Row Records in 1999, while CEO Suge Knight was incarcerated. The emcee has recorded a slew of material for the label, but most of it has yet to see the light of day.

"I did all I can do, really. I signed in '99, that's more than 4 years ago," Crooked I told "I turned in a lot of material and for whatever reason, it didn't come out."

Even putting in all the work and not having his album drop, Crooked I insists that he is not bitter.

"I'm not bitter about it," Crooked I said to "It was just time for me to go."

Since his signing with Death Row, the only material that was released was "So Damn Hood" featuring Sisqo, a guest spot on Ashanti's "Baby (Remix)" and the lead single from the Dysfunktional Family Soundtrack, "Still Tha Row."

Named by Death Row as the "Best in the West," Crooked I is still working hard and is determined to release a classic record.

"I'm out here, still grinding, working on a few things," Crooked I said on his current situation. "Trying to continue the mission to put out that West Coast classic, that's it".

Now that Crooked I is a free agent, let the bidding wars begin. There are some things on the table right now, but nothing is offical yet.

**Staff note - His new label Dynasty Records just opened their web site.  Visit the brand new label at .

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