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Hip-Hop News: Chuck D - Government Pimps Culture
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Posted by Robert
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2/27/2004 10:33:19 PM

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Chuck D said the government has found a way to pimp culture.

Chuck D said government, perception and images control American culture by erasing the past, making the future blurry and focusing on the present.

"If we don't think outside the box, we will be forever reduced to be slaves in America," D said.

The leader and co-founder of the internationally known rap group Public Enemy spoke to more than 400 people at Washington State University Thursday night.

He is a national spokesperson for Rock the Vote and the Partnership For A Drug Free America. He has hosted a segment on the Fox News Channel and published a best-selling autobiography, "Fight the Power."

D is a college graduate born in 1960, who has been speaking to colleges for 14 years and visits 50 schools a year. He has traveled to 53 countries and filled four passports.

D calls his "Rap, Race, Reality and Technology Tour" interactive conversations or vibe sessions.

He touched on subjects ranging from corporate leaders who think they own souls to President Bush being part of the "thug generation."

McDonald's boasts one billion burgers sold and America is one billion people told, he said.

Americans are volunteering to be programmed like robots and rely on television to give them culture, but the masses of America are not represented on television, he said.

D asked the black college students in the crowd how often they are represented on television.

No one raised their hand.

He asked black students to raise their hand if they had a passport.

His point was that only 10 percent of Americans have passports and black Americans reduce that figure.

The best American is one who thinks of themselves as a citizen of the planet, he said, and told students to get their passport by the end of the semester.

D also congratulated students on their quest for intelligence, which is the beginning of seeing outside of the box. He told them a college diploma doesn't work for itself.

"The real estate of the millennium is your mind," he said.

He asked audience members if they would be mad if they were given a rusty bike after paying $40,000 for a Hummer.

"How many of you have rusty bike GPAs?" he said.

D described hip-hop as the turf of black creativity and is a subculture of black culture.

Hip-hop is not a gun, jail, drug, thug and dumb culture, he said. It is in the middle of artistic, moral and business apathy.

America has jails, joblessness, homelessness, racism and rap artists have nothing to say, he said. Rap artists have style and a following, but they need to relate to a 15-year-old mentality on everything except sex.

He said America de-emphasizes art and music in the school curriculum, which is where stories are told.

Blacks have been recording music since the 1920s and the chronological history of black music could give students black history by default, he said.

The Sugar Hill Gang produced the first rap CD in 1979.

It looks and sounds the same as today's music, though the mind and soul have been extracted to make it palatable for Americans, he said.

They pulled a lobotomy on rap music because when rap artists talk and have something to say, they move people, he said.

Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated by a country because of his ability to move people, he said. He was a rebel who went head-to-head against thugs.

People repeat the "I have a dream" speech and don't understand the context. King was not passive.

"Dr. King has been reduced to a one-dimensional soft cat that's easy to reject in today's society," he said.

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