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Hip-Hop News: Film Maker Wants to Meet With The Source
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
2/26/2004 2:04:02 PM

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Mya Baker, famous producer and director of: Silence In Search of Black Female Sexuality, wants to meet with the SOURCE owner Benzino. Ms. Baker controversial director of the most shocking and compelling documentary to come out about Black Women and Sexuality has decided to address Hip Hop as a whole. Ms. Baker thinks that Eminem is not the only rapper that has attacked Black women. "Black women continue to be labeled as chicken heads, hoes, dime pieces, and other inanimate and disrespectful objects in the media. Why single out Eminem, why not go after the other Brethren or is that too costly for the magazine?"

Ms. Baker's film: SILENCE In Search of Black Female Sexuality - addresses the history of sexual exploitation and has discovered that Black women did not own their bodies during slavery, and even post-slavery Black women did not own their bodies. Ms. Baker is disheartened that grown men lyrics are so elementary that they have to use sexual enticing marketing techniques to gain an audience. Ms Baker reveals, "It is clear that these are not real rappers they need sexual ploys to gain attention. It is sad, but it will stop now!"

"I would like to meet with Benzino, perhaps he could go on tour with me and try to elevate Black women. Is he serious? Or was this a ploy just for his magazine, we will find out if he decides to meet with me and Malik Z. Shabazz." -Mya Baker explains.

Malik Z. Shabazz, Hip Hop attorney at War and Mya Baker have teamed up to go around the country to ensure that Hip Hop stops the clear disrespect of Black women in lyrics. Ms Baker adamently continues, "We are more than our body parts, and we are tired of the blatant disrespect. As Chuck D said, I guess Black men are pimping us, because they are being pimped! Either way, we are not going for it anymore." Mr. Shabazz is adament about confronting all parties that continue to exploit Black women, "We are just tired of this. We are supporting Benzino for his courageous attack against sexism and racism. Yet we need to address all the evils of Hip Hop that curse the very person that I was born from- A Black Mother!"

Ms. Baker is set to go to tour through out the country. Ms. Baker is in negotiations with Cable networks to distribute her controversial video.

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