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Hip-Hop News: 50 Cent's Latest Rant
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
2/25/2004 5:58:35 PM

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50 Cent has finally explained his strange behaviour at the Grammy Awards, vowing to boycott the annual event from now on.

The rapper, who had the highest selling album in the U.S. last year, walked to the microphone when the winner of the best new artist was announced at the show in early February. Only he didn't receive the honour -- it went to rockers Evanescence.

"I feel like I got jerked at the Grammys because I'm aggressive," he told MuchMusic in an interview in London which aired Wednesday. "I don't understand how (Evanescence) get best new artist. I will never go back to the Grammy Awards ever in my career."

He blamed his loss on Grammy "politics."

50 Cent's behaviour confused many. Even Evanescence lead singer Amy Lee was startled by his presence on the stage, exclaiming "Oh, what did I do?" at the start of her acceptance speech.

But 50 Cent's boycott is hardly original. Other rappers have snubbed and criticized the Grammys for various reasons.

In the 1980s, rappers Salt 'n' Pepa, Kid 'n' Play and DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince boycotted the event because the rap category was not televised.

And Jay Z has ignored the show since 1999, arguing the awards don't adequately celebrate hip hop and rap. Eminem blew off attending the 1999 show although he returned a few years later to perform a duet with Elton John.

Grammy organizers have always struggled to include a variety of music genres in their highly rated TV show. In recent years, the show has paired pop acts with classical, and country and jazz musicians in an effort to showcase more traditional forms of music. This year's show saw Sarah McLachlan perform with Alison Krauss, whose bluegrass category is never televised. As well, keyboardist Chick Corea played with the Foo Fighters and acclaimed trumpeter Charles Sandoval accompanied Justin Timberlake.

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