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Hip-Hop News: Pastor Troy Arrested
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
2/24/2004 11:01:58 AM

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*Dang, now all they have to do is lock up Outkast and every rapper from the Derrty South will have served time while in the industry.

OK, that's a huge exaggeration but it sure seems that way.

Pastor Troy aka Micah Levar and two bodyguards were arrested Friday in Atlanta, Georgia after drugs were found in a vehicle the rapper was traveling in. Levar was stopped by Fayette County Sheriff deputies in his Ford F-650 truck.

Police dogs detected drugs in the vehicle and a subsequent searched turned up the marijuana.

"It was just short of what appeared to be one ounce of suspected marijuana," Sgt. Wayne Prosser said. Officers allege they questioned Levar, who gave a fake name. They became suspicious when passerby's kept yelling out his rap name, 'Pastor Troy.'  (Dang, that's too funny.) Levar finally admitted his identity when officers found a copy of his CD in the truck.

Levar is facing one count of drug possession and one count of giving the police a fictitious name. 

Bodyguards Michael Holloway and Keith Carter were both charged with drug and concealed weapons charges.

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