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Posted by Robert
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2/16/2004 8:36:00 PM

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After 14 years of recording the pinnacles of classic hip-hop, producing such classic joints as "Funky Technician," "Track the Movement", "Baby You Nasty," "Check the Method," "Slave to my Soundwave," among 100's of others, LORD FINESSE is now releasing a double album entitled "FUNKY TECHNICIAN - THE REMIX PROJECT" This double album features remix tracks by the industries most prominent producers DJ Premier (GANGSTARR) , Pete Rock (Pete Rock and CL Smooth) , MadLib, (Beastie Boys, The Liks, Xzibit) Large Professor (Main Source, Nas, Tribe Called Quest), BuckWild (Notorious B.I.G., Beanie Sigel), Kenny Dope (MAW, Little Louie Vega) and DJ Spinna (De La Soul, Mary J. Blige). Along with the Remix Album, there will also be a bonus record featuring instrumentals of the original Funky Technician record (something the hip-hop world has been waiting anxiously for).   This album will be available in a double vinyl and Limited double CD format.

Lord Finesse's "FUNKY TECHNICIAN - THE REMIX PROJECT" is released from Underboss   Records. He now joins forces with long time underground label Lumberjack Records to release this historical project.

LORD FINESSE, the legendary Emcee, Producer and Metaphoric Genius, has influenced the very thinking of Hip-hop culture for over a decade. His first album, "Funky Technician" (Wild Pitch Records) remains a Hip-hop cultural classic to this day. Arguably the most respected Emcee/Producer in the world, LORD FINESSE has been called the "greatest Emcee of the underground". Having formed the D.I.T.C. (Diggin' In The Crates) Dynasty with the likes of Fat Joe, Big L, Diamond D, Buckwild, and many other Legends of hip-hop, LORD FINESSE remains at the top of the underground hip-hop game. It doesn't stop there, LORD FINESSE is also Responsible for Producing Dr Dre's "The Message" on the Chronic 2001 Album, Notorious B.I.G.'s "Suicidal Thoughts" and many others through out his career.

Ever since this story leaked in early January on the internet, response has been unbelievable.   From the United States to Japan the online hip - hop community is going crazy.   Virtually every hip - hop message board ,   website and newsgroup is infected with the hype of this monumental release.   Since opening the official Lord Finesse website and message board at www.lordfinesse.net, daily unique user visits have grown to enormous numbers. I believe the world is ready to breath new life into old school hip - hop and this album will be the catalyst.

Scheduled for release March 2004, his highly anticipated double album " FUNKY TECHNICIAN THE REMIX PROJECT"...will restore the focus of the underground to the Under Boss himself, LORD FINESSE. "It will offer a wide selection of classic LORD FINESSE staples remixed by the most respected Dj's and producers of all time.

Michael Salvini, Executive Vice-President of Lumberjack Records says, "LORD FINESSE was a pioneer Rapper back in the early 90's and still remains on the lips of the hip-hop masses today. He's an Artist that transcends every change in the hip-hop world remaining true to his roots at the top of the underground - it's a dream to work with such a legend."

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