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Hip-Hop News: Rapper 'Turk' Speaks Out
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Posted by Dave
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2/3/2004 11:00:14 PM

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Memphis, TN - Not even the jail bars at the Shelby County Jail can stop the rapper known as "Turk" from talking.

"Shooting a police I'm not with that," says Turk who's real name is Tab Virgil Jr. "I'm against that, I've never shot a police I've never owned a gun, never seen a gun."

Virgil denies firing a gun, denies shooting a deputy serving him a drug warrant. This 22 year old rapper from New Orleans says this is what happened at the Hickory Pointe Apartments last week.

"Only thing I hear was boom and bam and gun shots," says Virgil. "I hear boom, boom, I get into the closet, I'm scared praying. "I hear boom you know I don't hear any police say knock knock."

Two deputies are hurt. Investigators believe Turk shot S.W.A.T.Officer Chris Harris three times.
After deputies found the rapper in the closet. Turk is charged for first degree attempted murder.

"They called me, they called me out. And they wanted to beat me," says Virgil. "That's it, I never saw a search warrant, I never know what I was being arrested for."

News Channel 3 obtained a copy of the search warrant. Deputies believe there was a boat load of drugs in the Southeast Memphis apartment Virgil was staying at. Investigators say they found marijuana, another unknown substance, drug paraphernalia covered with heroin residue and some paper work.

"I've been having drug problems since I was 14. Off and on battling with heroin."

Turk says he came to Memphis to escape the drugs. He called it his personal rehab. Now, the world he once knew, the life he once had, seems so far away.

"I never fired a gun, never. They never found a gun off me. I've never even seen a gun, never."

Turk is expected back in court on February 18th.

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