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Hip-Hop News: Hip Hop Has a New 24 Cable Network
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
2/3/2004 4:28:16 PM

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Hip-hop now has a home to call its
own. The Real Hip-Hop Network will launch as the first
network to deliver exclusive hip-hop content 24-hours
a day. The network will debut in late February in over
11,000,000 homes nationwide via satellite and cable
TV. Reese Schonfeld, co-founder of CNN /CNN Headline
News and The Food Network, has partnered with hip-hop
pioneer Chuck D of the legendary Public Enemy and
today announced the development of the worlds first
24-hour cable network devoted to hip-hop culture,
lifestyle and music. The network named
The Real Hip Hop Network (RHN) is scheduled to launch
early in 2004.

The launching of RHN comes at a time when hip-hop,
which gained its most Grammy notations in a single
year, is being universally acknowledged. With rise in
popularity, it is a clear acknowledgment that hip-hop
is a mainstream cultural phenomenon. Artists such as
Outkast, Jay-Z, Missy, Nelly and Eminem have proven
that hip-hop is a viable commodity that deserves a
voice that can be heard at all times. The RHN will
give hip-hop the exposure it warrants and integrate
hip-hop history and activism as well as highlight the
significance of the music. The medium of television
gives hip-hop an unparalleled advantage in reaching a
wider audience that will eventually extend across the

Entrepreneur Atonn Muhammad, President & CEO of SSM
Media Group, Inc. and his partner Bryan Tucker,
orchestrated the teaming of cable industry veteran,
Mr. Schonfeld, and hip-hop pioneer, Chuck D. We asked
ourselves who would be the best partners to capitalize
on an opportunity to deliver true, authentic, real
hip-hop content to the massive audience of hip-hop
fans throughout the nation, and around the world.
Hip-hop is massive, and massively underserved, genre,
said Mr. Muhammad. Chuck D shares similar
beliefs,Hip-hop is inaccurately and incompletely
portrayed. plans to be about the roots of hip-hop. The
network will meet the worldwide market appeal for the
right hip-hop content. The network's image was spawned
from the Washington DC based show the Hip Hop Zone.
The image and energy of the show was raw and vibrant.
Mr. Muhammad approached the shows President Antawane
Jackson to join the SSM team to help craft RHN's brand
and it's image. Mr. Schonfeld, a legend in the cable
industry and well known for building some of the
greatest cable brands of all time, was drawn to RHN
because this is a mostly untapped market segment. He
believes that there is a consumer base out there that
wants this and needs this. Mr. Schonfeld believes how
infrequent it is for the low cost digital approach to
turn out to be very appropriate for the mission of the
network and the real feel of digital lends itself to
the credibility of RHN With ten years of operating
experience producing original interactive
programming for the hip-hop market, RHN will utilize
the expertise of Pseudo Entertainment and their 15,000
volume proprietary video library.
Ecstatic about the potential of this new alliance, the
CTO Ed Salzano and CEO of Pseudo Entertainment,
Matthew C. Schilowitz, are raving about forging ahead
into the next phase of hip-hop media. Pseudos new
relationship with RHN will allow the network to share
footage that has not been seen by the general public.
We look forward to expanding the Hip-Hop fan base
through the usage of our archives and new content.
Mr. Muhammad enlisted former MTV, VH-1, and
Nickelodeon executive David Houle as the Executive
Vice President of Strategy, and has approached Afeni
Shakur, mother of rap icon Tupac Shakur
. RHN has also
assembled an impressive array of top-tier music
industry minds to work with the new hip-hop network to
strategize ways to promote RHN throughout the music

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