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Posted by Robert
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1/29/2004 5:58:52 AM

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MC Hammer is back and he’s hitting the airwaves once again with his own style of rap music. His new CD, Full Blast is scheduled for release in 2004. Leading the way to the new CD is the video for the title single, “Full Blast.” The video will be released prior to the CD according to Hammer. In his song “Full Blast” Hammer effectively blasts other rappers, notably Busta Rhymes and Eminem. He raps about his return to the scene saying he never really left but was standing on the sidelines watching other artists call themselves rappers. His lyrics say he is the ultimate rapper because he has accomplished much more and he’s about rapping and dancing. The video takes on a different look and energy than any of his previous ones. “Full Blast” transitions from a modern club-like stage with neon lights and ‘30s gangster dressed audience to a more theatrical type stage, complete with chandeliers and lighting fixtures recalling an earlier era while blending in modern elements. The video, however, is all about the dance, not so uncommon in Hammer’s past. He mixes in dance styles and dress from four areas of the country. His goal was to incorporate these dance styles, with his own twist, so that his audience could relate and dance to them where ever they live.

Director Darrell Diamond Williams chose Venice Beach based creative shop rOOm for the post-production of the video. Cutting this video appropriately was important because of the message it is to convey. rOOm is known for cutting the hottest music videos in the industry and is second to none. Hammer’s vision was to capture the,energy and strength in the performance that is MC Hammer. Therefore, in post he wanted to keep those elements in place while simultaneously bringing out the color and making the many transitions seem artistic. Hammer has always taken a hands on approach in everyone of his videos, his latest is no exception. “rOOm is a fantastic facility with extremely talented artists. The communication between the offline editor Dean Gonzalez and online editor Bill Pollock was excellent. It really helped the process to be expedited with a certain level of excellence that I require. As I watched Bill’s online work and listened to his suggestions and saw some of the things he brought to the table I quickly dubbed him ‘Kill Bill’ because in my terms he was ‘killin’ it, he was making it happen,” he exclaims.

Hammer wanted the video done quickly and rOOm turned it around in four days. Using an AVID Media Composer, rOOm’s offline editor, Dean Gonzalez, delivered an almost perfect first cut within two days. Hammer was happy with the cut but wanted to finesse the dance sequences. “He was more hands on because his dance moves are so specific and no one knows them like him,” says Gonzalez. In the video there are dance sequences for the West Coast, the South, the Midwest and the East Coast. Hammer puts his own twist on each of the dance styles he’s learned from across the country. He wants everyone in the country to recognize the dances. “Because of that I had to keep the energy of the video focused and create a different look than in typical videos,” Gonzales expands. “I also took simple a neon Full Blast sign that they had shot just by itself where it lights up and added some dance sequences to it to give it better energy and give it a better look visually.”

rOOm’s online editor Bill Pollock’s job initially was the typical wire removals, coloring and many other things viewers don’t see but that really helps the look. “The key to online editing a video is for the final look not being too much in your face, but adding little things that enhance it,” says Pollock.“However, for ‘Full Blast’, I added a touch that is visibly noticeable but it ties the video together,̶

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