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Hip-Hop News: Knoc-Turn'al Gets One Year of Probation for Possession
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Posted by Robert
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1/16/2004 11:18:39 AM

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Yesterday (January 15), west coast rapper Knoc-turn'al appeared before a Glendale judge facing possession of marijuana equaling over an ounce.

Thursday, Knoc appeared before the judge in the Glendale Courthouse in California facing jail time. The verdict fell into Knoc-turn'al's favor dropping the charges to a misdemeanor.

The rapper received no jail time, but been has placed under one year of probation.

In other Knoc news, Knoc-turn'al is hard at work promoting his upcoming major label debut, The Way I Am. He is currently touring and plans for a tour with Westside Connection is in the works.

His lead single, "The Way I Am," is currently gaining radio airplay. There has also been a remix recorded with Snoop Dogg, which has also been gaining radio airplay. The video for the single has already premiered on BET and has been serviced to other TV outlets.

Knoc-turn'al's album, Thy Way I Am, hits stores February 24th.

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