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Hip-Hop News: Eminem In The Source & Rappers Reactions
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
1/15/2004 12:45:49 PM

Tags and topics realted to this article include Eminem.

The magazine has a couple of pictures of bassmint interview with the cat who leaked the tape, as well as a benzino interview, and reactions from different rappers...

Styles: "His fucking teeth should have been knocked out--thats my reaction. But all the Black people who are sucking his cock should be ashamed of themselves. If it was a black *****, they would have killed his ass. I can't say something too wrong 'cause he's on my label. If he apologizes, it'll be aight. If not, that's fucked up."

Crooked I: "I think this dude is an incredible lyricist, but if you're racist, you get no support. If we support a racist, we cutting our own throat. If he's racist like that, he gotta fall to the side. I want to see him on TV publicly apologize to Black women."

Chaos kid (of Bassmint Productions): "This one day, there was this thing that they did. It was called 'The Racist Rap Hour with Bassmint Productions.' And i refused to even get on it. I know it's kind of hard for a Black person to understand why White people that are in rap music would do this, but it was a joke. I didn't feel comfortable about being a part of it, so i didn't rap on it. It was never meant to be released to the public"

Benzino (on Eminem): Do you think he's the best White rapper ever?

I would have to say yeah, no doubt. But cats like Jo Jo Pellegrino are kinda nice too. I like his lyrics, I'm not gonna front.

The guy that leaked the Eminem tape (talking about Eminem): "We come from the same neighborhood and he ain't got no street credibility. He ain't no gangsta or soldier. He was in the basement practicing his skills while the real world was going on outside. He's catching these bullshit cases. Smacking up John Guerra, the one who was kissing his wife, with an unloaded gun. In the song, Eminem's saying that he's 6'2" and that ain't the case. John Guerra is 5'4" or 5'2". What kind of tough guy are you?"

The source is sad for dedicating so much time to eminem, just like XXL is so sad for dedicating so much time to anything related to shady/aftermath...Hip Hop magazines are at an all time low right now...

As for the bonus disc, it features the 20 seconds of "foolish pride" interwined with the other song (that apparently isn't eminem) ... it features an intro composed of certain eminem lines from, "devils night," "white america," "without me," & "I'm shady," in an attempt to use eminem's lyrics against him...there are also statements from nikki giovanni (poet/activist), malik shabazz (new black panther party), and Bob Law (activist/national radio talk show host) on the CD, regarding Eminem's racist tape...

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