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Hip-Hop News: Were Hip Hop's Gay Rappers Outed on WBLS
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Posted by Robert
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1/13/2004 10:54:09 AM

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Yesterday some fans of female Shock Jock Wendy Wiliams were shocked and insulted when the host brought on the ex boyfriend and former lover of Lil Kim. A muslim rapper known as World Wise has recently been linked to the gunfire exchange w/ 50 Cent entourage outside of a N.J. hotel because 50 continued to disrespect Lil Kim . World used the show to out gay rappers and issued the name of LL Cool J, P- Diddy, Jay Z , Russel Simmons,Jarule and 50 Cent as closeted homosexuals. He claimed that Lil Kim was a Eastern Star and was heavily aligned with the Mason brotherhood which he claimed was against Islam.He also said that homosexuality was basically a initiation rite of the Masons. World claimed that many rappers were Mason's and that they planned to destroy Islam through rap music and entertainment. World also took shots at the Nation of Islam as "phony Islam". The majority of her callers were upset that such a relatively unknown rapper received 2 hours to say whatever he wanted even though it was basically his opinion, Wendy was ousted from NYC radio years ago for her attempts at outing celebrities. She said his comments are his own and she will continue to play his music on her show.

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