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Hip-Hop News: Morality in Media:The 'Uncensored' Music Channel
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
1/8/2004 4:07:31 PM

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The Los Angeles Times reported on Jan. 2 that the world's biggest record conglomerate, Universal Music Group, "is trying to start its own uncensored music TV channel." According to the paper, Universal Music Group and Vivid Entertainment Group would each own 45 percent shares of the proposed commercial-free premium channel. Universal is a unit of media giant Vivendi Universal. Vivid is one of the giants among our nation's population of hardcore pornographers.

Robert Peters, president of Morality in Media had the following comments:

"In general, there has been a 'courtship' going on between our nation's secular entertainment media (film, TV and rap/music) and the hardcore pornography industry headquartered just north of Hollywood in the San Fernando Valley.

"But in the youth-oriented rap and music business, it would appear that the 'courtship' is rapidly progressing to an incestuous marriage, with rappers and musicians not only incorporating elements of the world of hardcore pornography into their own performances and but also with rappers now performing in and creating hardcore pornographic videos.

"Perhaps then, it should come as no surprise that a major record company has now embarked upon a joint venture with one of the nation's largest hardcore pornographers to launch a new premium 'music' channel that reportedly will be more nasty, vulgar and sexual than MTV.

"And since it is unlikely that there is a large enough pool of consumers who can afford to and will pay hard-earned money to hear rappers and musicians be more nasty and vulgar than they already are, what will most likely make the channel a success, if it be one, is the sex-and lots of it.

"Increasingly, it would appear that there are 'two Americas.' In one, people strive to temper their personal desires and aspirations with a sense of right and wrong. In the other-where much of our nation's secular entertainment media dwell-there are only personal desires and aspirations.

"In the film industry's early days, both government and religion exerted a positive restraining influence on the industry's worst elements. Today, that influence is largely gone, thanks in good measure to an arrogant Supreme Court and a weakened religious community.

"Obscenity laws, however, are enforceable against hardcore pornography; and if Vivid Entertainment Group is violating those laws, then the Justice Department could prosecute under the federal RICO and obscenity laws and, if convictions result, seize defendants' interests in the RICO enterprise and in assets traceable to the proceeds obtained from the obscenity offenses."

MORALITY IN MEDIA is a nonprofit national interfaith organization, with headquarters in New York City, working through constitutional means to curb traffic in obscenity and to uphold standards of decency in the mainstream media. Morality in Media operates the Web site, where citizens can report possible violations of federal Internet obscenity laws to Federal prosecutors.

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