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Hip-Hop News: Offspring w/Ronnie King and Big Syke-Hit That
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
1/5/2004 3:27:08 PM

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In the interview with Ronnie King and other various articles, The Punks and Thugs movement was talked about. Big Syke from Tupac Shakur’s first rap group, the Outlaw Immortalz, and from his group Thug Life is on the track ' Hit That'. This is the track we have been waiting to hear. So just don't pass this by. We are all well aware of the skills that Ronnie King and Big Syke are blessed with , so make sure you check this out. The Album is 'Splinter' and the track with Big Syke and Ronnie King is 'Hit That'. It will be good to hear what this sounds like, and to hear fresh Big Syke.-- Robert

"SPLINTER," The Offspring (Columbia) The Offspring could be the most successful punk band in history - with an asterisk to indicate that the Southern California act isn't exclusively punk. And it's the non-punk parts that have kept the group interesting . . .

Whatever the classification (and the band IS largely punk), The Offspring has survived for a remarkable two decades, greatly influencing today's hard-core scene, racking up monstrous sales (6 million and 5 million copies, respectively, for 1994's "Smash" and 1998's "Americana"), and scoring breakthrough mainstream hits such as "Come Out and Play (Keep 'Em Separated)" and "Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)."

The band's buzz has subsided over the years, yet the new "Splinter" provides another spike, driven by the percolating single "Hit That," which combines punk with social commentary, a pervasive hook and engaging keyboards by former Tupac Shakur instrumentalist Ronnie King.

"Splinter" has its share of careening rock to keep The Offspring's punk cred intact, including the rowdy anthem "The Noose" and the jagged "(Can't Get My) Head Around You." However, other more generic galloping tracks ("Never Gonna Find Me," "Lightning Rod") are forgettable the second they end.

The diversions are more memorable, whether it's lead vocalist Dexter Holland drolly dealing with his unfaithful girlfriend on the peppy "Spare Me the Details" or agonizing over his own indiscretions on the reggae-lilting "The Worst Hangover Ever."

Meanwhile, closer "When You're in Prison" couldn't be further from punk as The Offspring affects a scratchy 1930s sound for Holland to offer advice for the incarcerated: "Don't turn the other way, keep your back against the wall . . Don't pick up the soap!"

After all these years, the group's still having, and offering, a good time.

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