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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
12/31/2003 12:03:44 PM

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I posted this album in the releases a few weeks ago. This is one of DJ Warriors best albums to date. It has a lot of good artist on it and there are several WORLD PREMIERE cuts. The premiere of Tupac and Crooked I  'PICTURE MY PROPHECY ' will be of great interest to Tupac fans. Other featured artist include: Nas, 50, Kurupt, Ghostface and many others.  Click  HERE to see the complete track list and album art in our release section.

WestCoastAftershock posted an audio update with 4 tracks off this album. This is really one of the best mixes of the year. Here is their post, and 'thanks' goes to them for it.

We got 4 brand new world premieres from the latest DJ Warrior Mixtape. It contains a New Crooked I & 2pac song, The Game over a Dr Dre Beat and much more exclusives...

But first here is a tight new Kurupt and Bush Babees song called "Los Angeles".

Next up is a heavyhitter lineup track by King T Kool G Rap and Tray Dee "Nothing Changed".

Finally here's the 2 tracks everyone been feenin for ever since Dj Warrior Announced his new mixtape:
Crooked I and 2Pac "Picture My Prophecy"

Jimmy Brinx And The Game "Pipe Down" (Dr Dre Production)

Order Dj Warriors mixtape "Ill Street Dues part 1" HERE

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