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Hip-Hop News: The Game Is Not A G-Unit Member
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
12/30/2003 12:24:36 PM

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Due to someone posting under someone else's name at AfterMathMusic the news on The Game being the newest G-Unit member is false. We cannot blame the person who's name it was posted under and the news from this site has always been quality and correct.
Here is the Original post and the update that has been added. So I apoligize for any mis-understand you might have , but sometimes these things happen-especially when you try for up to the minute news. Sometimes our sources have problems to.

Game has been signed to G-Unit, we all know this so he's officially a member of G-Unit label, but not in the G-Unit Crew. Game added the contract information: 50 Cent (Shady G-Unit Aftermath), Lloyd Banks (G-Unit Interscope), Tony Yayo (G-Unit Interscope), Young Buck (G-Unit Interscope) & The Game (G-Unit Aftermath Interscope). So you better believe it. That's confirmed.

* UP-DATED : "I'm signed to the record label as well as Aftermath! It's just a joint venture that Jimmy Iovine coordinated between labels." That means that Game is not a member of the G-Unit Crew he is just signed at G-Unit Records!

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