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Hip-Hop News: Boston Globe Columnist Clowns Benzino
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
12/24/2003 10:25:48 AM

Tags and topics realted to this article include Eminem and Benzino.

Renee Graham calls The Source's motives "suspect." *The Source, which has been picking up steam in it's vendetta against Eminem has now gotten the attention of The Source's co-owner, Benzino's hometown newspaper, The Boston Globe.

Like anybody with a brain, Renee Graham of the Globe, called The Source's motives "suspect" considering the more prominent and detrimental issues in hip-hop which the magazine has never addressed with the kind of intensity they're using against Eminem.

"Benzino and Mays claim to be concerned with exposing 'influences corrupting hip-hop,' but there are far more serious issues - such as a lack of creativity, obsessions with wealth, and yes, ongoing anti-woman, anti-gay rhetoric - facing the community than the contents of a scratchy old tape," writes Graham in her "Life in the Pop Lane" column.

Graham tells Benzino and Mays, to "move on" and cites Benzino's own racism for attacking Eminem simply because he's successful and white in hip-hop.

"Eminem has acknowledged the tape's veracity and has apologized. It's time to move on. Perhaps when The Source becomes as concerned with the state of rap music as with playing out a strange, personal vendetta with its own racist undertones, then the magazine may be more successful in exposing and ridding hip-hop of its corrupting influences."

Ouch. Graham's railings against the magazine come after Monday's decision by a judge to allow portions of Eminen's so-called "racist" rap to be published in the February issue of The Source.

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