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Hip-Hop News: DPG Recordz Drops-Adds Artist and Other DPG News
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
12/21/2003 6:42:39 PM

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Due to communication conflict the following artists have been dropped: Lady of Rage, Sylk E. Fine, Daddy V, Chico N Coolwadda, and Mean Piece. We waited a number of weeks for response in regards to their album releases, none was receieved. Rather than leaving all of you with false hope like many labels, we are setting it straight. DPG/GA will not release albums from the dropped artists. And, addtionally, according to the artists they have no albums planned. On the brighter side, we have added a few new artists to the roster. RBX, E-White, Quicc Ta Macc, and Small Will have all been added to the roster. We'll post more news on their projects at a later date.

And here is some more DPG updates;

Daz was in the studio with multiplatinum rapper Nelly last night. Daz will be putting in produciton work on Nelly's upcoming album. Nelly will also most likely be featured on Daz's So So Def Project. Nelly feels "Daz is a legend in the rap game", his goal is to put some legendary material together. Connect the Midwest and west.

As of now, Nate Dogg will not be on Daz's So So Def Album. Much won't be said why..Just 2 Words: 50 Ouch! Figure it out, you'll understand why. I think its about time the fans remind Nate what got him started in the game.

Dropping in January is Bonecrusher's new album. Daz is featured on 1 song. In February Jermaine Dupri's LP drops. Daz is featured on 5 songs, including 1 song with him and Da Brat over a Rick Rock beat. Finally, new So So Def artist J-Kwon's album drops in March. Daz is featured on Kwon's Tispey Remix set to be released soon.

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