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Hip-Hop News: Is NY's Hip Hop Task Force Real
"It's a culture that cops find very offensive," Lieutenant Tony Mazziotti said about Hip Hop on "I tell my 16-year-old daughter I don't want her listening to it. She'll have a hard time memorizing the Pledge of Allegiance, but she'll know all these rap lyrics by heart.
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Posted by Robert
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12/19/2003 6:01:39 AM

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The ongoing tensions between Hip Hop artists and the New York City police seem to have heated up. At the same time, some rappers started fighting back this fall with planned lawsuits over what they charge have been unlawful arrests.

For some years here in New York the frequent arrests of MCs and others around the "Hip Hop Nation" have spurred rumors of a "Hip Hop Task Force"—a kind of Rap COINTELPRO—within the New York City Police Department. The department has consistently denied the existence of such a unit, and did not return phone calls for this story. Though a number of artists have been charged over the years—mostly with marijuana and gun possession—the Hip Hop community questions the circumstances of many of these arrests. The overwhelming majority of incidents occur when rappers are stopped in vehicles and searched . Often it is not clear why the vehicle was stopped in the first place. Are stop-and-search incidents simply to be accepted as a way of life because a few searches have garnered weapons or weed? Perception in the Hip Hop community is that these incidents are a form of racial profiling, while well-known artists are targeted because they are rap artists.

On September 3, NORE, Tragedy Khadafi, and three other companions were pulled over in NORE's Hummer on 15th Street. Again, the police claimed a report had been made about an occupant of an identical car brandishing a gun. The police searched the car and the occupants but found no gun. They found "a small amount of marijuana" on one person, according to Kamau Karl Franklin, NORE's lawyer. Franklin said the police found a single blunt in the car after the men were in custody and the vehicle was impounded. All five were charged with criminal possession of marijuana. Charges have been dropped on three of the men, and, according to the lawyer, are soon to be dropped on NORE. The one remaining individual "who continually told police the weed was his, will be pleading out," Franklin said, adding that NORE and Tragedy plan to file suit against the NYPD for false arrest and excessive force in January.

Also that month,, one half of revolutionary rap duo dead prez as well as some of their colleagues, was arrested in Brooklyn during a photo shoot. On an unseasonably warm late-September day in Crown Heights, the small group of rappers were having pictures taken when two beat cops approached the group and demanded to see IDs, saying they had seen some suspicious activity. The group refused, stating that they had done nothing to warrant the request for identification. The cops called for backup and a short time later, the five men had been roughed up and arrested. All save one were released the next day with no charges brought against them.

"It's safe to say that the police approached dead prez not because of any report of wrongdoing," says Reuben Wright, a Hip Hop historian, "but because of the stop-and-search police credo. [To them] groups of black and Latino men are criminals. 'Stop and search enough of them and you'll find something illegal soon enough,' which might be true but if you randomly search white kids like they do us—think of all the pills and powders they'd find. But the cops don't care that there's heroin or coke or Ecstasy in some rock and roll band's tour bus. They're only concerned with the little marijuana busts they keep hitting these rappers with."

Conversely, a "get up, stand up" mindset has taken hold among some rappers. Franklin, who is also dead prez's lawyer said that a notice of claim to sue will be filed this week. At an October 29 press conference, Franklin said they had filed a complaint with the CCRB for false arrest and excessive force. Find out more about Tragedy Khadafi. Other items you may find on Tragedy Khadafi include updates, news, multimedia, chat, links and more. Click here...

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