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Hip-Hop News: G-Unit Has New Video
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Posted by Robert
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12/16/2003 2:30:23 PM

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50 Cent obviously has no problem gaining fan support, but unfortunately, the MC who once rapped, "Nobody likes me, but that's OK/ I don't like y'all anyway," has a problem making friends — especially when money and turf are involved.

In the G-Unit's new video for "Poppin' Them Thangs," the Queens MC shakes down underworld figures from various crime organizations. "Basically they got all the bosses and they're bringing them from all over in planes," G-Unit's Lloyd Banks explained on the aircraft-hangar set of the clip, which was shot earlier this month in Los Angeles by Little X. "The Triad boss, Italian mob boss ... Then here we come, the neighborhood bad guys. The [bosses] are gonna sit there and basically tell us the problems they have with us. We're not cooperating, we don't give a fuck. We got all the 'hood gangstas with us."

"Basically, we're in California, keeping it on that gangsta level," Young Buck added. "You gonna see a lot of black bandanas, black gear. A lot of 'hood things. Big thangs going on."

For the G-Unit, keeping it gangsta in "Poppin' Them Thangs" meant keeping it gangster. They drew inspiration for the video's plot by going back to old mobster flicks.

"It's kinda like pulling together all your gangster movies that you seen and enjoyed before," Little X explained. "We had fun with it and made a little mini film. The influences are things like 'Godfather,' 'Untouchables.'

"There's nothing that's really violent about the scene," X continued. "We play it like it's big Hollywood. We're just having fun. It's not really that deep. Anybody that sees it will know that we're just enjoying ourselves. 50 is really good. They're all really good, but it's 50's monologue."

And what is 50 talking about in the clip? He's just politely telling everyone what he wants.

"The sanitation contracts in Chicago, I want in ... Corporate takeover in Japan, I want in ... Anytime, anywhere, I want in!"

"Poppin' Them Thangs" will debut on "TRL" on Thursday.

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