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Hip-Hop News: Pastor Troy Releses Til Death Do Us Part
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
12/16/2003 1:06:54 PM

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Underground southern rap superstar Pastor Troy and his hip-hop outfit Down South Georgia Boyz (D.S.G.B) will release their debut CD, "Til' Death Do Us Part."on Universal/Motown Records on December 16.

The set features collaborations with David Banner, DJ Toomp, (Lil Jon, T.I.) and others. The first track to yield from the set is "D.S.G.B.," which is the rough and rowdy club anthem that has garnered regional airplay throughout the south in markets such as Atlanta, Little Rock, Columbus, Charlotte and Chattanooga. The video-clip, directed by FatCat, is in rotation at BET and regional outlets.

Down South Georgia Boyz is comprised of Pastor Troy, and long-time friends Lil Pete the Disciple, Blackout (a.k.a. Black 2K) and Pinhead the Hellraiser. Pastor Troy, who Entertainment Weekly credits as being one of the originators of the "Crunk Music" movement, formed the Down South Georgia Boyz in 1999. To build a following for the group, Troy, released four independent solo CDs and two national albums Face Off (2001) and Universal Solider (2002) on Universal Records.

This year marks the introduction to the members of Down South Georgia Boyz. 'Til' Death Do Us Part', an oath usually reserved for married couples, is more than a CD title. It best describes the family-type vibe of the group, who are the epitome of the phrase, "all for one and one for all." Pastor Troy's next solo CD By Any Means Necessary is slated to be released in the Spring 2004.

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