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Hip-Hop News: DubCnn Interviews Spice 1
And I know Pac's just turning over in his grave after they let whoever let Eminem and 50 Cent do that album like that you know, and take me off the song, cause it's the last song we ever did together and shit. Like me and the nigga didn't know each other and shit. You know that shit pisses me off! It's just so open, ya know the game is just so wide open for assholes. Good niggas can't even get no deals.
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
12/7/2003 6:06:33 PM

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DubCnn has put up a good interview with Spice 1. Here is some of that interview. But I mean, how could the game get into such a mess? 

Because the let it go like that.  People stop caring about the things that are important like that.  Like what the people want.  They stop caring about the people.  They start learning about how much money was going to be made.  They stop caring, they don’t give a fuck what the people want to be played on the radio, they just want the money off of the game cause they blood suckas.  They suck everything they can out of the rap game and move on without even putting nothing back into it.  Without carin about the wounds that they made or the consequences of they decisions you know what I’m sayin.  They some blood suckin mutha fuckas who don’t care about the industry.  They don’t care about the game themselves, they let the game die as far as they concerned as long as they got their money outta it. Yeah man.  It seems like a lot of people don’t even realize, ya know the young people right now, they don’t even realize, they just listen to whatever they hear and they think its cool.   

They don’t have no sense of direction on whats real no more and whats fake because the media is pullin wool over they eyes.  You know just like the song me and 2Pac, that they put eminem and 50 cent on. Yeah man I was just about to ask about that later man. 

All of that shit is a domino effect that Nasty T started when he sent out letters to radio’s and the people who run radio stations and shit.  Ya know what I’m sayin?  I’m a real mutha fucka, I’m a realest and I’m not making it up.  It all comes down to a domino effect.  Cause it comes down to the money.  Its not even the rap game no more it’s the rap business.  You ain’t even gotta be a good rapper to sell a fuckin million copies no more because the public is so brainwashed to go and buy whatever they hear on the radio.  And whatever on  the radio ya know, they pay to play.  Ya know what I’m sayin, so real rappers like me don’t have no chance because I got into the game on skill alone.  I didn’t come into the game, I didn’t pay a mutha fucka a dime to rap on the microphone or go beg for a radio interview or beg for a magazine interview.  I didn’t have to do all of that shit because the game came to me and I was chose by the game.  These other mutha fuckas they pullin money out they pocket and payin they way up to success.  The nigga master P didn’t do nuthin but buy his albums over and over again. They nigga didn’t do nuthin but put out a half a million copies, and then go buy half of million copies.  Niggas like that just bribe they way into the game, suck the blood outta the game and then keep on movin.  Ya know what I’m sayin, but that’s how the streets is. Those are the mutha fucks who don’t care about what they getting into, they just getting into it for the money, and you can’t do nothing

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